5 Stars!

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The Kingdom War by J.D. Ruffin is a fantasy that starts with a prophesy inscribed in a glassy black stone. A loyal servant sworn to her cause will see Irina, the most powerful mage on the continent, return when the time is right. Hidden in the mountains between the Kingdom and Melucia, the Children have waited patiently for the time to come for them to fulfill their destiny. Now, all over the continent, the Gifted are taken and not seen again. In Melucia, the healer Tiana is taken and Lt. Keelan Rae is placed in charge of the investigation. With a team specially picked for the task, they quickly trace the missing healer to the border between Melucia and the Kingdom. Meeting up with Declan, Keelan’s brother and a Ranger, they enter into the mountains following Tiana’s trail. As Keelan and his team sneak over the mountains into the Kingdom, Declan is sent on a secret mission of his own. Meanwhile, in the Kingdom, 16-year-old Crown Princess Jessia runs away with Danym. They run across the Kingdom with both the guard and men in brown chasing them. In the end, Jessia makes a shocking discovery which makes her question the trust she gave without thought. The Kingdom prepares for war, Melucia searches for a healer and the Children prepare to fulfill the prophecy of Irina.

The Kingdom War by J.D. Ruffin is a wonderful read. The characters are real with a sense of humor and an authenticity that makes you feel part of the story. The vivid descriptions of the landscapes and buildings are breathtaking. The plot is straightforward – the all-powerful mage who swears to return and rule over all men – but the way the author reveals the story is so mesmerizing that you are pulled in and almost miss the hidden clues to how the many parts fit together to become whole. The Kingdom War was what I expected from a good fantasy. An exciting adventure fantasy that I could not put down. J.D. Ruffin has the talent to write in such a way that the reader is carried away into the world of the story and becomes invested in the characters. Loved it, read it in one sitting and I’m looking forward to the next chapter in the story of the Kingdom. Real characters, unexpected twists and turns, and strong characters, both male and female, carry the story to its fruition. This is a series to look out for.

Reviewed By Delene Vrey for Readers’ Favorite